Monday, June 11, 2007

Public Service Announcement

I needed a plumber.

I thought about it. I decided to check the website for that show, Holmes on Homes, 'cause Mike Holmes seems straight as an arrow, and if he recommended a plumber, hopefully they'd be honest. There is a list of contractors on the show's website, so I clicked plumbing on the scroll-down menu and contacted the first one on the page. The plumber (who is actually the guy that does the work on the show) came in today and he was FANTASTIC.

He was Mike Richter from DanMac Plumbing and Drain Services Ltd and he was super nice, smart, efficient, honest, friendly and very reasonable. I will definitely call him again if I ever need a plumber. They're based in Etobicoke, but I suspect they serve the entire GTA.

There you go. Isn't that the most useful information you've ever gleaned from this blog?

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Tim! said...

Ask him if Mike really waxes his pits or what, cause, we think he does.