Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Picking Up New Slang

Smarty Cows is officially my new favourite term.

We All Scream for Ice Cream

Yesterday I debated the importance of joy and sensuality in food against the idea that food is only fuel.

And today, I feel vindicated by the following study:

Women who included high-fat dairy foods in their diets had less risk of anovulatory infertility.

Of course food is fuel; I don't advocate eating french fries and cake all day. Well, not every day.

However, to feel guilt for choosing a regular potato instead of a "superfood" like a sweet potato, or to always shun peanuts in favour of almonds, 'cause almonds are "better for you" takes away the spontaneity and joy of eating. What if you just feel like eating peanuts? Doesn't our own history as a species indicate just how well the body can survive on limited staples?

Sure, I'll add brown rice to my diet - but I won't give up white rice. And I fight the creeping guilt I feel with all the so-called "nutritionally empty" foods. I grew up with white rice and I was a pretty healthy kid. I believe in moderation and seasonal eating, and above all, enjoyment of food. So go out, have that full-fat yogurt or chocolate shake and think of me.

This is hypocritically pomegranate sorbet, but it's the only photo of ice-cream on my computer.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Original Score and More

Penelope looks sweet in the pink, even though it's an ashy pink. Hugh Jackman is a hunka hunka burnin' love (I said it) as always, but what's goin' on with his hair?

Kirsten Dunst and Tobey Maguire look like they're about to break into a little song and dance number - they're so Cute, both of them. Like they've been teleported from a 1920s vaudeville show. Kirsten's dress is original, and very her, and a nice change from the off-the-shoulder and strapless numbers, but I still don't like it.

A steal for original screenplay - Little Miss Sunshine. Very nice speech.

I received an email with a thumbs-up report of Reese Witherspoon and yes, she looks gorgeous. I still like her Golden Globe yellow cocktail dress more, but the night-coloured ruffled edging on her Oscar dress is a sexy frill to a classy dress.

Better go see Dreamgirls. I like musicals anyways. Beyonce hasn't been spotted in red in a while - looks good. And this song is such a great showcase for her voice! I'm impressed.

Anika Noni Rose's red dress (for the performance) is divine. A little "Night Splendor Barbie", but still, it does what it's meant to do.

Checked the "Fug" blog - Naomi Watts is preggers! Oops - that's exactly who should wear an empire waist! "My badliness." She and Liev Schreiber make a cute couple.
The question though (am I just out of the loop?) - is J.Lo officially pregnant?
I think certain members of the audience perhaps do not know that Travolta is in Hairspray - maybe they think he just came out?

Queen Latifah's dress is beautiful.

Commercials again, so here's what my fortune cookie said:

A loved one's concerns are of utmost importance at this time.

Uh, aren't they always? That's a totally redundant fortune for me.

Will Smith just introduced another montage, that I didn't quite catch the director or the point of.

Kate Winslet looks well-dressed as always. The mint green is refreshing, though it's not my favourite colour. Not the best dress ever.

Jodie Foster looks divine! A little Sarandon on the bodice, and a little dated Lisa Rinna on the hair, but over all, when she walked on stage, she warranted a wow.
Helen Mirren's awesome win - with purse and earring in hand.
Diane Keaton looks amazing!!!

Oops - got a phone call - and missed blogging to the end. (See, I do have friends.)
Forest Whitaker's speech was beautiful and inspirational.

I predicted Departed winning - my phone conversation partner was predicting The Queen.

Alright, that's it. Any further thoughts I have on dresses, speeches, etc. will be posted another time. Or never...

More Oscars

The babble while the winners go up to the stage is intolerable.

But I'm glad Ennio Morricone is being honoured.

I'm surprised that Clint Eastwood would repeat the common mistake of not wearing glasses if one needs them to read the teleprompter.

I wonder if the price on the Morricone cd set at Indigo will go up now. Hm...

Mais, c'est Celine! Qu'est-ce qu'elle fait ici? I wish she was singing in French. Is it just me, or does Morricone look like he's trying to figure out why someone put lyrics to his tune? Or is he wondering wether the contract served him well for the royalties on every copy that Celine sells? I'm so cynical. The bottom of Celine's dress is un peux etrange. Like she's wearing a bustle. This song is not moving me at all.

Clint should've taken that opportunity to have someone fetch his glasses.

I like the fact the Ennio is not trying to speak English, but is expressing himself in the language he is most comfortable in.

Aw, and his tribute to his wife is gonna make me cry in my noodles.

Down to the Count

Please don't let Abigail Breslin win. I don't like it when kids win Oscars. It just doesn't make any sense. I think children see acting differently than adults. I think it's a very different process for them, and it's not comparable.

I haven't seen any of these films except Little Miss Sunshine.

Jennifer Hudson is so sweet! I'm glad she won, even though I haven't seen Dreamgirls. And it was moving to see Beyonce tearing up a little, which I'm assuming was out of empathy.

I do want to see Babel.

Eva Green's dress is nice, but choosing the colour putty is a bit evasive somehow. I like the risk of wearing something that looks ethereal and vaguely barnacled. Gael Garcia Bernal looks unsexy, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't invite him over.
I didn't catch what the short doc that won was about. I'm curious about all of them.

I'm not a big fan of Seinfeld, but he's being alright with his little, no, I take it back. I'm anti-litter in a severe way.

More in another blurb.

And we're back

Naomi Watts and Robert Downey Jr.

Weird - R-Dow is biting Patrick Dempsey's look, no?

Naomi Watts looks rather muted and somewhat ill-put-together. ( Did I just make up a word?)
The yellow is not as good as last year's Willams or Blanchett, but empire cuts are never my fave.

Damn, I hate the orchestra cutting off groups of winners!

Deneuve looks very classy. Is that Watanabe with her? Hott. I love that Isla and Sacha are yakking it up from their seats and yelling "Bravo!" when the camera's on them! (And yes, I am on a first name basis with them. What of it?)

Nice montage - I've even seen some of the films!

I tried to rent The Garden of the Finzi-Contini's once, but it was dubbed, not subtitled, so I returned it. Golly, I have so many films to see. Oh, lord, and the Bicycle Thief always tears my heart out.

Yay, it's CATE! She's a goddess - her and Clive can out-hot Brangelina, I think. Look at'em!
Cate, while again, not at her most dramatic, strikes a nice balance between flowy and edgy in that deep gun-metal colour.

The German director leaping out of his seat made me smile. Oh, he's so passionate - how lovely. Is this the first time someone's thanked Ahnold in an Oscar speech.

And Ellen's changed velour tux. More in a bit...

Emily Blunt and Anne Hatahway

Anne Hathaway looks exactly how she always looks. Nothing new. Black and white and a bow. Feel like I've seent his before.
Poor Emily Blunt has been brainwashed by L.A. Look at that fake tan. I'm not sure how I feel about the metallic blue. Actually, as the camera dollies back to her, I quite like it. I'm giving it a chance.

Typically, the costume designer is wearing a quirky little tux! Good short and sincere speech though.

EEK! It's the Cruise. Wow, Sherry Lansing is getting a humanitarian award? Who knew.
I'm impressed, but her speech sounds a little like a Bat Mitzvah speech. I can't judge, I've taken to passing out while public speaking.

Ooooh, Gwyneth kicks ass. And she knows how good she looks. The colour is smashing, and the hair and make-up is very Old Hollywood. I'm always so grateful to hear people like Rachel Weiss and Gwyneth Paltrow speak so well.

Another Pan's Labyrinth win. It's a lovely movie, but it's definitely not my favourite, and I had a specific problem with it. I don't think it will win Best Picture.

Gonna snarf some food (it's finally arrived).

More Oscar Free Association

Cameron Diaz is apparently getting married after the show.
Ok, ok, she looks mighty fine, but she's not taking my breath away.

Ha! Ben Affleck introduced as a screenwriter. Whatevah. And he is SO phoning it in. Blah.

Awright, they got me with this very adorable writery montage. And I usually don't like montages much. But they shoulda used some footage of Diane Keaton from Something's Gotta Give.

gasp Helen Mirren looks like a dream.

Tom Hank's hair is turning slowly into John Travolta's.

William Monahan is endearing.

Will the food I ordered ever arrive - oh, sorry - that has nothing to do with the "Ox Cars".

Meh. More commercials.

Oscar Blogging

Watching the Oscars makes me nervous. I only started watching around the sound-editing.
I'm watching them alone this year. so I've decided to blog them at the same time, 'cause the Fugster's current blogging isn't doing much for me.

So far, Rachel Weiss looks immaculate in silver platinum. Not daring, but I doubt there's been much daring so far, what with the stylist takeover of Hollywood in the last decade.

Jennifer Jessica Biel doesn't do much for me generally, but she does look gorgeous, if slightly casual in the fuschia jersey halter dress. Her arms rock, as always.

Al Gore and Leo DiCaprio standing side by side is like a study in large heads. Every year Leo is looking slightly more like Orson Welles. Which I dig. Al Gore, despite his good intentions, still creeps me out. Leo reveals his good boy side by calling Gore "sir". How cute is that!

More after the break. Links later when I find dress pics to link to.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Vancouver Pics & Cat Blogging

Here's That Clear Day - Late Afternoon

These Photos Really Don't Do The View Justice

Cat Blog... doo dee doo...

(Link hat tip to Squiddity & Bro.)

Cat Physics

Can someone please explain to me what is happening in this photo? Why is the cat's reflection stationary while the cat herself is blurry? This deserves an equation, no?

Lately my luck has been off. To whit, this past week included:
Broken glass in the dishwasher
Bugs in the broccoli
Cat pee on the sofa
Rental car collision

Please send good vibes in my general direction. (Yes, yes, you could help people who really need it instead.) Heck, do both!

Off to buy Cat Physics for Dummies... Have a satisfyingly restful weekend, everyone.

Friday, February 23, 2007


I took a picture of these two at a nearby Tim Horton's a few weeks ago. I like that their hair colours match their respective sweaters - though, to be fair, the guy's hair isn't technically green. I asked their permission to take and post the photo, but I interrupted their conversation and made them self-conscious in the process.

And I wasn't imagining it - there are fewer 'Tims' here than in Ontario.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

On a Clear Day

Today was absolutely the most beautiful day I've seen in Vancouver. The sun shone all day and giant cumulus cloud hung mid-way above the horizon, accentuating the mountain tops below them and the startling blue above.

I had to drive to Richmond this morning to be trained on a box office ticketing system. Did I mention I was volunteering for a local film festival? I've met some fantastic people while providing myself with the option of ongoing procrastination, and plenty of shortcuts to insanity.

What? What about writing?

No, I haven't got much done. But I'll make up for it. I promise.

To distract you, here are a lot of pictures. None of them are from today, though. Luckily, the battery in camera was dead while I was driving, 'cause I seriously would've taken photos while driving on the Granville Bridge. The view was breathtaking. In hindsight, photography while driving is probably not the wisest activity to undertake. So here are some of the photos I have taken in the past four weeks.

The lichen and the mushroom photos are for Tammy. I'm sorry the mushrooms on the stump photo isn't better. It was taken in Stanley Park, and the battery died right after I snapped that shot.


A View from Stanley Park

Mushroom Blur

Lichen II or "Muppet Trees"

Totem Zoom, Stanley Park

Title Not Required

More Water


Yes, But Do You Love Each Other in Esperanto?

Even More Water

Back in the Day, A Sculpture Could be Called This Without Sounding Provocative

I Had Never Seen Wood Ducks Before

That day I also saw a heron and two eagles.

Large Container Ship Prompted Thoughts of Consumerism and Globalization

The View From the Living Room Where I Am Residing

Coal Harbour Sea Walk

City of Glass

Wall Motif

Coal Harbour Seawalk II

Full Moon

They Just Call It De Dutch

De Dutch II

Horseshoe Bay

Nancy Drew, but Shannon Falls

Can you believe I bothered to steal that joke? Like it's not lame enough?

Breakfast in Whistler or Do Not Question Good Fortune

The View during Breakfast was Better than this Photo

The following photos were taken last Sunday on the way to the Chinese New Year's Day parade.

On the Way to Chinatown

Reflection of an Ice Pig or How Not to Take A Picture

It's okay to take photos of other people's children if they're this cute and blurry

This Kid's Braid was Fake and Attached to his Hat!


Hello Doggie

Lion Feet

Cool Dude Taking Photos

That's the Falun Dafa group drumming in yellow behind him.

Hipster Dude with Pinwheels on his Bike

Choy Cheng (Thank you, Google)

Choy Cheng - Zoom

Year of the Very Modern Pig

That was in a shop window.

Red and Green

That's it for now. I hope that will keep you entertained for at least three minutes.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

The Rain Has Returned

After almost two weeks of sunny weather, the rain has returned. I had stopped believing it would. That nice umbrella I chose not to buy yesterday is laughing at me from Gastown.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Gung Haggis Fat Choy

I'm up to page 41 in the revisions. Not good, not bad.

Reading Squiddity, reminded me that I had these pics to post. These are from a market my cousin took me to, but I can't remember it's name.
Sorry for the shoddy quality.

The haggis below actually move and scare the living daylights out of people who skeptically approach. It's pretty funny. Shall I tell you how?

And here, one more pic to tide you over till I write something interesting.
The view from Granville Island at night, waiting for the (tiny little) ferry.