Sunday, February 25, 2007

Original Score and More

Penelope looks sweet in the pink, even though it's an ashy pink. Hugh Jackman is a hunka hunka burnin' love (I said it) as always, but what's goin' on with his hair?

Kirsten Dunst and Tobey Maguire look like they're about to break into a little song and dance number - they're so Cute, both of them. Like they've been teleported from a 1920s vaudeville show. Kirsten's dress is original, and very her, and a nice change from the off-the-shoulder and strapless numbers, but I still don't like it.

A steal for original screenplay - Little Miss Sunshine. Very nice speech.

I received an email with a thumbs-up report of Reese Witherspoon and yes, she looks gorgeous. I still like her Golden Globe yellow cocktail dress more, but the night-coloured ruffled edging on her Oscar dress is a sexy frill to a classy dress.

Better go see Dreamgirls. I like musicals anyways. Beyonce hasn't been spotted in red in a while - looks good. And this song is such a great showcase for her voice! I'm impressed.

Anika Noni Rose's red dress (for the performance) is divine. A little "Night Splendor Barbie", but still, it does what it's meant to do.

Checked the "Fug" blog - Naomi Watts is preggers! Oops - that's exactly who should wear an empire waist! "My badliness." She and Liev Schreiber make a cute couple.
The question though (am I just out of the loop?) - is J.Lo officially pregnant?
I think certain members of the audience perhaps do not know that Travolta is in Hairspray - maybe they think he just came out?

Queen Latifah's dress is beautiful.

Commercials again, so here's what my fortune cookie said:

A loved one's concerns are of utmost importance at this time.

Uh, aren't they always? That's a totally redundant fortune for me.

Will Smith just introduced another montage, that I didn't quite catch the director or the point of.

Kate Winslet looks well-dressed as always. The mint green is refreshing, though it's not my favourite colour. Not the best dress ever.

Jodie Foster looks divine! A little Sarandon on the bodice, and a little dated Lisa Rinna on the hair, but over all, when she walked on stage, she warranted a wow.
Helen Mirren's awesome win - with purse and earring in hand.
Diane Keaton looks amazing!!!

Oops - got a phone call - and missed blogging to the end. (See, I do have friends.)
Forest Whitaker's speech was beautiful and inspirational.

I predicted Departed winning - my phone conversation partner was predicting The Queen.

Alright, that's it. Any further thoughts I have on dresses, speeches, etc. will be posted another time. Or never...


Anonymous said...

Mr. Jackman is getting ready to film the movie "Australia", a period piece for Baz Luhrmann, with Nicole Kidman. Hence his current longer hair...for the role.

JuliaMazal said...

Thank you, anonymous. Sorry for being harsh, Hugh. It's only 'cause I care.