Saturday, February 24, 2007

Vancouver Pics & Cat Blogging

Here's That Clear Day - Late Afternoon

These Photos Really Don't Do The View Justice

Cat Blog... doo dee doo...

(Link hat tip to Squiddity & Bro.)

Cat Physics

Can someone please explain to me what is happening in this photo? Why is the cat's reflection stationary while the cat herself is blurry? This deserves an equation, no?

Lately my luck has been off. To whit, this past week included:
Broken glass in the dishwasher
Bugs in the broccoli
Cat pee on the sofa
Rental car collision

Please send good vibes in my general direction. (Yes, yes, you could help people who really need it instead.) Heck, do both!

Off to buy Cat Physics for Dummies... Have a satisfyingly restful weekend, everyone.

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