Thursday, February 22, 2007

On a Clear Day

Today was absolutely the most beautiful day I've seen in Vancouver. The sun shone all day and giant cumulus cloud hung mid-way above the horizon, accentuating the mountain tops below them and the startling blue above.

I had to drive to Richmond this morning to be trained on a box office ticketing system. Did I mention I was volunteering for a local film festival? I've met some fantastic people while providing myself with the option of ongoing procrastination, and plenty of shortcuts to insanity.

What? What about writing?

No, I haven't got much done. But I'll make up for it. I promise.

To distract you, here are a lot of pictures. None of them are from today, though. Luckily, the battery in camera was dead while I was driving, 'cause I seriously would've taken photos while driving on the Granville Bridge. The view was breathtaking. In hindsight, photography while driving is probably not the wisest activity to undertake. So here are some of the photos I have taken in the past four weeks.

The lichen and the mushroom photos are for Tammy. I'm sorry the mushrooms on the stump photo isn't better. It was taken in Stanley Park, and the battery died right after I snapped that shot.


A View from Stanley Park

Mushroom Blur

Lichen II or "Muppet Trees"

Totem Zoom, Stanley Park

Title Not Required

More Water


Yes, But Do You Love Each Other in Esperanto?

Even More Water

Back in the Day, A Sculpture Could be Called This Without Sounding Provocative

I Had Never Seen Wood Ducks Before

That day I also saw a heron and two eagles.

Large Container Ship Prompted Thoughts of Consumerism and Globalization

The View From the Living Room Where I Am Residing

Coal Harbour Sea Walk

City of Glass

Wall Motif

Coal Harbour Seawalk II

Full Moon

They Just Call It De Dutch

De Dutch II

Horseshoe Bay

Nancy Drew, but Shannon Falls

Can you believe I bothered to steal that joke? Like it's not lame enough?

Breakfast in Whistler or Do Not Question Good Fortune

The View during Breakfast was Better than this Photo

The following photos were taken last Sunday on the way to the Chinese New Year's Day parade.

On the Way to Chinatown

Reflection of an Ice Pig or How Not to Take A Picture

It's okay to take photos of other people's children if they're this cute and blurry

This Kid's Braid was Fake and Attached to his Hat!


Hello Doggie

Lion Feet

Cool Dude Taking Photos

That's the Falun Dafa group drumming in yellow behind him.

Hipster Dude with Pinwheels on his Bike

Choy Cheng (Thank you, Google)

Choy Cheng - Zoom

Year of the Very Modern Pig

That was in a shop window.

Red and Green

That's it for now. I hope that will keep you entertained for at least three minutes.

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Anonymous said...

You're just a photo taking fool, aren't you? -) Those are nice pictures J. I always heard Vancouver's beautiful. I know someone from there, doctor Chris Chen.