Sunday, February 25, 2007

More Oscars

The babble while the winners go up to the stage is intolerable.

But I'm glad Ennio Morricone is being honoured.

I'm surprised that Clint Eastwood would repeat the common mistake of not wearing glasses if one needs them to read the teleprompter.

I wonder if the price on the Morricone cd set at Indigo will go up now. Hm...

Mais, c'est Celine! Qu'est-ce qu'elle fait ici? I wish she was singing in French. Is it just me, or does Morricone look like he's trying to figure out why someone put lyrics to his tune? Or is he wondering wether the contract served him well for the royalties on every copy that Celine sells? I'm so cynical. The bottom of Celine's dress is un peux etrange. Like she's wearing a bustle. This song is not moving me at all.

Clint should've taken that opportunity to have someone fetch his glasses.

I like the fact the Ennio is not trying to speak English, but is expressing himself in the language he is most comfortable in.

Aw, and his tribute to his wife is gonna make me cry in my noodles.

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