Sunday, February 25, 2007

Oscar Blogging

Watching the Oscars makes me nervous. I only started watching around the sound-editing.
I'm watching them alone this year. so I've decided to blog them at the same time, 'cause the Fugster's current blogging isn't doing much for me.

So far, Rachel Weiss looks immaculate in silver platinum. Not daring, but I doubt there's been much daring so far, what with the stylist takeover of Hollywood in the last decade.

Jennifer Jessica Biel doesn't do much for me generally, but she does look gorgeous, if slightly casual in the fuschia jersey halter dress. Her arms rock, as always.

Al Gore and Leo DiCaprio standing side by side is like a study in large heads. Every year Leo is looking slightly more like Orson Welles. Which I dig. Al Gore, despite his good intentions, still creeps me out. Leo reveals his good boy side by calling Gore "sir". How cute is that!

More after the break. Links later when I find dress pics to link to.

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