Sunday, February 25, 2007

Emily Blunt and Anne Hatahway

Anne Hathaway looks exactly how she always looks. Nothing new. Black and white and a bow. Feel like I've seent his before.
Poor Emily Blunt has been brainwashed by L.A. Look at that fake tan. I'm not sure how I feel about the metallic blue. Actually, as the camera dollies back to her, I quite like it. I'm giving it a chance.

Typically, the costume designer is wearing a quirky little tux! Good short and sincere speech though.

EEK! It's the Cruise. Wow, Sherry Lansing is getting a humanitarian award? Who knew.
I'm impressed, but her speech sounds a little like a Bat Mitzvah speech. I can't judge, I've taken to passing out while public speaking.

Ooooh, Gwyneth kicks ass. And she knows how good she looks. The colour is smashing, and the hair and make-up is very Old Hollywood. I'm always so grateful to hear people like Rachel Weiss and Gwyneth Paltrow speak so well.

Another Pan's Labyrinth win. It's a lovely movie, but it's definitely not my favourite, and I had a specific problem with it. I don't think it will win Best Picture.

Gonna snarf some food (it's finally arrived).

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