Saturday, November 08, 2008

The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair

Cows of all colours? Fowls of all feathers? Giant pumpkins and sheaves of wheat? Yes, yes, and yes! And don't forget the Horse Show and the Super Dogs!

The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair starts tomorrow and I'm excited!

I may go tomorrow if I feel like braving the weekend crowds, or I may go on a weekday evening.

What's the allure? Besides my delusion that I would have made a good pioneer or frontierswoman (blame Laura and Black Creek Pioneer Village), it's a good way to remember how much work goes into feeding you. (And who doesn't need to look at those furry Clydesdale hooves at least once a year?)

I keep one pair of "mucky boots" for just this occasion, as after a visit to the Fair, my boots smell like manure forever.

If you're in the area, you should go!

This post will be much much more convincing once I fill it with cow photos.


Natalie said...

No need to convince. I am done, done, and done! I can see now why perhaps investing in some Hunter wellies might be just the treat for you. Even if once a year. (Think: if you Hunter it up, it will come.) The Ingalls, the pet sheep, and the fab prairie couture. (I've interpreted this post all wrong haven't I? Leave it to me to Vogue the farm!)

JuliaMazal said...

Vogue away!The farmers will just laugh at me in my expensive wellies.

There's an antique section this year too - I must get back and photograph the shelves and shelves of pressed glass goblets!