Friday, January 09, 2009


Last week I went to Kansas to visit my sister. Hurray for sisters and God bless America (and Boxing Week sales). Came home. Caught a cold. Stayed home for three days. Went out today to see humans and go to the library.

One day I will write a post about how much I love libraries, but today is not that day. I took out a book about cooking with your toaster oven. I am a big fan of toaster ovens, but that deserves a separate post too. A toast post. (I'm hilaaaarious.)

Any writing done?

Finally, yes! One fairy tale written (needs another pass or ten), and five chapters of Novel #1 revised tonight. Hurray!

Otherwise, I'm on a Michael Chabon reading kick, and a Cary Grant watching spree. (You don't really need an html link for Cary Grant, do you?)

As for 2009 - I have no goals, no impressions, no visions, no nuthin'. 2009 is a blank slate. 2009 is so blank it is practically see-through. And that's as deep as I get at 4:00am.


Natalie said...

I also love the library, toaster ovens, the fact that you wrote a fairy tale and revised five chapters of your book. I also love that you love your sister (sadly, I cannot share in your love as it is a four-letter word in my particular case and relations) and a good sale too! (Nothing about sharing in that right! That is every woman's DNA!) Remind me to lend you my Kavalier Clay (I have yet to read after it sitting on my book shelf for so long) and let's have a toast to toast posts and maybe petite pains or poppy seed chala (huzzah!) with pickles (my mouth is watering) and celebrate blank canvases, new beginnings, not kidding ourselves, and things transparent: windows looking out, and in, to places and spaces we can imagine ourselves in, and be! I'm already raising my toast (both the drink, and the bread) to you! Cheers Fictionally! Cheers some more!

JuliaMazal said...

What a glorious toast! L'Chaim, Nataloo!

Ooh - I keep meaning to post more about Chabon. Oh well, next time...