Sunday, December 25, 2005

Christmas Eve-y TV

The choice for this evening's Christmas viewing: The Wizard of Oz or It's A Wonderful Life.
I choose The Wizard of Oz. It just gets better and better with every viewing. I love the Cowardly Lion. I think I should buy the screenplay. And now TVO is showing "Meet Me in St. Louis" which I've never watched all the way through.

As for fiction, I have two choices to read at the moment: "The Fat Woman's Joke" (also published as "...And the Wife Ran Away") and "Out of Egypt".

"The Fat Woman's Joke" is by Fay Weldon and was first published in 1967. I was talking to author Sarah Selecky about genre and chick-lit and she recommended I check out some of Weldon's stuff (among other authors who I'll list as I get through their books). Sarah's fiction is currently published in The New Quarterly.

A customer at Starbucks (where I work) lent me Out of Egypt: A Memoir by Andre Aciman. The customer remembered that I'm a Sephardi Jew whose parents had to leave Libya. (He once met my mom by chance.) I was so touched that he remembered. I love getting to know my regular morning customers. Their friendliness makes my shift more pleasant, and I try to make their mornings less crummy.

As for the writing? Got none done today. I was proud of myself just for getting out of bed and meeting a friend at 7 West. That means that I might be able to sleep tonight!

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chaos said...

Hello! Any sister of Mich's is a friend of mine. I'm a big fan. I am impressed and humbled by your novel writing goals. Good luck!

JuliaMazal said...

Aw, thanks! It's my sister and you who are inspiring me to be dedicated and disciplined! So thanks for the inspiration!