Sunday, December 11, 2005

Circadian Rhythms

Well, my times are flipped.

It's a quarter to four. In the morning. I did write today. Some at the S'bux down the street, and some at home on my laptop. Then my musician friend came over and we commiserated on the frustrations of trying to create "art". Or even commerce.

Went back to work on my second WIP. I have approx. 10,000 words in each now. I have a stronger (though somewhat melodramatic) plot in my second one, so it seems to be going faster. If I just had 20 000 words in one of them, I'd be a quarter of the way through a manuscript!
Complain, complain.

Going to attempt to bake and knit tomorrow. I don't celebrate Christmas, but the season and the snow (and the freezing-one's-ass-off everytime you go outside) propels me into a flurry of domesticity. Anna Olson has a recipe for "Chocolate Chai Cake" at S'bux, and that's what I'll attempt.

It's good to have creative friends. It's easier to have faith in their endeavours than in my own, but it keeps my faith in creating art going, in general. Hooray for friends!

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