Sunday, February 05, 2006

Truth and Consequence

Well, I've just stayed up blogging and wrote a long post on science fiction. It's intensely boring (the post, not sci-fi), so I'll revise it and post another day.

So, while I ought to have been working on the book, I was working on the blog. I may have to push my deadline, 'cause as it stands, I'll have to write about 2700 words a day to finish on time. Not impossible, but not likely. I'll make a decision next week - it'll give me some time to redeem myself.

My cold has come back again! Yes, I've always gotten colds in winter, but this is ridiculous. I've decided to heed my doctor's suggestion that it is possibly a sinus infection that will respond to antibiotics. So, hello, amoxicillin, my friend. Do your best.

Still, for all my whining, I did stay up and work on the blog, so I can't say I was too tired to write. I was just shirking responsibility.

From now on, no more posting till I do the writing I'm s'posed to be doing. Perhaps that'll get me through the fear and loathing.


And on a totally random note, for any foodies out there, it is Winterlicious time in Toronto! That means a whole bunch of restaurants you can't usually afford or have been too afraid to try offer prix-fixe menus for about $20. This is the first year I went and it was totally by accident, but some people run around sampling everything in the city.

Ok, c'est tout. I see I've flipped my sleep schedule again. Well, feeling ill + not sleeping + working at 5:30am = sleeping for 15 hours Friday night. And then come Saturday...

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