Thursday, June 22, 2006

Comments Fix Up

Thanks to everyone who tried to post a comment - hopefully you'll now be able to see it on the blog. I guess I had turned on the "moderate comments" option on Blogger when I just wanted the word verification. I didn't realize I had to approve each comment individually. Sorry about that!

Thanks for all the encouragement and visits.

My sister mentioned in one of her comments. Check it out, it made me giggle.

I'm now at just over 40 000 words. Hooray! (No, I'm not writing 4000 words a day. But at least I know I could...?)

B/f & I went to Manhattan Beach tonight to visit the ocean. I liked it, but I wouldn't mind seeing it again in the daytime. Oceans are so lonely at night, aren't they? There were people - families - night-fishing off the pier. I heard one guy say the fish he'd caught was a small shark. (It was quite small.)

There are so many beach communities here still to check out.

More photos tomorrow...

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Chanel said...

I visited Manhattan Beach only once when I lived there in L.A., the photo links of the beach are beautiful. And I must also tell you in response to one of your previous blogs, that I too am a HUGE fan of cornbread...