Sunday, January 15, 2006

Back on Track

Wrote almost 1200 words last night of straight prose, with another 150 words of planning the next few chapters. I would've kept going, but my mac's power cable is fraying, and so I keep running out of battery power. (I don't know if I've destroyed the cable by the way it bends when I hold it on my lap cross-legged, or if my cat has been secretly chewing it. If the former, then Apple should really design a better one... that would sit easily on the top of one's lap!)

A while ago I discovered a suggested outline on the web by a successful author of the genre I'm writing in. Someone had taken a workshop with her and posted her notes on the web. Not nice, but very helpful to me. If I sell this thing, I'll send the author a cheque for the workshop I didn't take. Anyhow, in fitting my plot to her outline, I realized that my crisis, which I put at the beginning, had to occur much later in the book. I'd completely ignored my set-up. I think this is a habit from writing screenplays where you always want to hit the ground running.

I've also switched from third person to first person - much easier for me. I have to be careful to distinguish my voice from my other wip. I should be ok - my other narrator is younger and much more outspoken.

Now I just have to figure out how to weave my subplot in. I suspect one subplot will not be enough, but I'll worry about that when I'm further along. Perhaps the subplots will reveal themselves. (I hope.)

B/f is in town and we had a lovely time yesterday, just sitting together with our respective laptops, typing away on our separate projects.

Now I have to call Tarragon Theatre to ask if they will please let me transfer my ticket for today's matinee to another day. The play I'm supposed to see today is Humble Boy, but I don't want to go if I'll just be that girl who coughs all the way through the show.

Hopefully, I'll be updating again tomorrow...

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