Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Newly Linked Mini Post

I finished reading "Out of Egypt" and bawled my eyes out in the process. A beautifully written memoir. Vividly described experiences that my parents have mentioned now and then, but that I have never heard from anyone outside the family. It's by Andree Aciman.

My friend has lent me Lost in Translation - not the Coppola movie, but a book by Eva Hoffman. I've read Hoffman's After Such Knowledge which was an essay/exploration, but I haven't read her memoir.

Hoffman is also in an anthology of "exile" stories edited by Aciman. I won't read either right away. I need to take a break with something light.

I've lent my friend two of the Weetzie Bat books by Francesca Lia Block. He's read one, and I had the other two. They're terrific and set in L.A. I'm hoping a re-reading will help me view L.A. in a positive light. I'm thinking of going there for a few months.

No html links today because I am lazy and in a hurry and I'm posting from an internet cafe. Poor Margaret is in the shop, getting her keyboard fixed. My Mac's name is Margaret named after a very clever and funny woman I barely know. Coincidentally, another friend's mac's name is Pedro. We have the same Powerbook, but his is slightly newer. I thought I was the only weirdo who named her Mac, but I've since discovered it's quite common with Mac users.

I'll add links later when Margaret's back home. Also, my powercord has gone up in smoke. The guy at the computer store suggested that because a new cord isn't covered under AppleCare (extended warranty) I should "call Apple and scare the hell out of them". Which I might do. I'm not litigous, but I don't mind scaring people a little, if they'll send me a new cord.

Anyone wish to share the names of their Macs? Don't be shy.

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