Friday, January 06, 2006


So, I lied. I said I was going to write 1000 words yesterday night.

I didn't.

I went to sleep.

Yes, sleep is necessary. And it was bedtime - I started work at 7:00 this morning - but, one of the things I said to myself when I started this project was that I would work as hard or harder at it than I have ever worked at any previous job. For example, back when I was a production coordinator on children's shows, I often worked hard for long hours. I pushed through the fatigue because I had to - I was paid to. I often wished I could push myself to work as hard on my own endeavours. And until this novel, I never did. I lacked discipline and I was too easily distracted by TV, internet, books, etc - various excuses. Any free time was relegated to fun or seeing friends, not to sitting my ass down and writing.

So, now it's 10:00pm. The choice is the same: sleep or write. As for what I'm going to do, I guess you'll find out tomorrow...

Update - talked to a friend who's only in town for a few more days - trying to get together, but our schedules aren't matching. Ok, attempt number two. I know, this is riveting to read...

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