Monday, January 09, 2006

Having a Blog

Means always having to say I'm sorry. I'm NOT WRITING. At all. Blech.

I feel like dreck. The head cold I thought I'd conquered has smacked me down with stealthy vengeance.

All I've done all day is nothing. Except thank my mom profusely for delivering soup. And talking to b/f on phone. OK, it was more like whining.

And listening to music on my computer. I go through phases where I listen to none at all. And then it's like I'm thirsting for it, and can't get enough music.

Now playing (in random order with other stuff): Lhasa.

Listen while happy-ish. Not for that borderline depressive state.

Anyhow. Tylenol Cold is a miracle. I'm going to bed so I can get up tomorrow and buy more Tylenol Cold medication. I love science.

One of these days, I swear, I'll actually write about writing again. Sheesh. Until then, no more entries. This is getting embarassing.

I'll correct links and speling erorrrs when I'm better (thanks to my new de-facto editor). (Is that what de facto means?)

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Bob W. said...


Thanks for the comments in my two blogs, "wilsonizer" and Acre of Independence" I appreciate it. I like "fictionally", too.

I appreciate the tips on coffee grinds, which are a great addition to a compost pile.

Right now in my back yard I have several different types of "wild" trees: I have several longleaf pines, some tulip trees, a few swamp maples, turkey and durand oaks, and titi trees in the back. I also have some really nice dogwood trees as well. I plan to slowly get rid of the longleafs in the future, replacing them with hardwoods. Well, thanks for reading my blogs, and I hope you achieve your goals with your novel. Wilsonizer