Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Book the Second

So now what?

Well, besides having too much fun shopping and dining with my sister today, I've been working on book #2.

I started it almost at the same time I started Book the First, but I haven't worked on it much till now.
Beginning word count: around 13 000 words

Am I so confident that book #1 will sell?
No! But what I've culled from all the writerly advice I've read is: send stuff out and keep writing.
Besides, if an editor decides she likes your book and wants to work with you, she'll be even happier to hear you're already working on another.

I'm also starting to research literary agents. It's funny how agents are the least frightening people ever until you need one.

So, book one is under revision (by me).
Book two (draft one) is progressing very slowly.
Book three (that I started three years ago) is staying in its current dormant state till further notice.

Tomorrow I hope to see Harmony Trowbridge sing at The Drake Hotel. You come too.

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