Friday, July 21, 2006

Insomnia Can Be Useful (Draft #1)

Oh, yeah. Here it is. The post you've been waiting for.

I'm finished my first draft! Hurrah!

It is currently 53 813 words and 239 pages long. (Or, 46 187 words too short.)

Anyhow, I've stayed up all night to alternately whine and write. (And eat Junior Mints.)

So I'm a little bit nutty at the moment, but happy. 'Cause once it was done, I had to print it out, of course.

Do you know what 239 pages looks like in a big 3-ring binder? It looks like I haven't wasted the last eight months of my life!

I know it needs a lot of work. I know it is only a first draft. But I'm happy.

Now, how do I get back to that ol' "sleeping at night and working during the day" Circadian rhythms thing?

Also, how long should a second draft take?


tam said...

congratulations! this is certainly cause for celebration.

JuliaMazal said...

Thank you! Can't celebrate too much, need to start revising. :-)