Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Spare Some Words?

I was working on Book 1 last night, when I realized I was missing a chapter. I knew I'd written it, but where had it gone?
I went through my other files and realized I had 30 more pages written in another file (titled naturally "New Beginning"). I had re-written a beginning to my novel and then conveniently forgotten about it.

I need that one chapter, but I don't know if I really need the rest. This is where having a real editor look at it would be handy. Funny or senile that I can write 6000 words and forget about them? I guess it means they're not critical to the story, but the background might be helpful to the reader. Time will tell.

Corporate Shilling

Even though I don't work there anymore, I get emails from Starbucks. Right now they're promoting a sweepstake to go see Corinne Bailey Rae on her European tour. So I click on through and end up (like a good marketing follower) signing up for a 3-day free trial of XM Radio - their satellite radio service. That's what I'm listening to. It's pretty awesome. I can't really afford to really subscribe ($13/mo), but the options are great, and the layout is really simple. Worth checking out the free trial, if only to remind yourself of all the music that's out there that you've forgotten you enjoy.

I am readin Sol Stein's two books:
How to Grow a Novel
Stein on Writing

They're harsh. I'm not reading either straight through - I'm picking bits here and there. The advice is excellent so far, but it is aimed at writing literary fiction.

I'm writing genre. Did I mention that before? Now you know.

I could still apply all of his advice, but I'm wondering if it would be counter-productive, since my goal (with this book) is just to churn it out as fast as possible.

Alrighty, it's coffee time. More soon.


farmgirl said...

Since we live down in a little valley, radio reception is practically non-existent (except for the non-stop classic radio I play at night for the sheep in the barn, LOL--we can't even get that station up at the house). Anyway, a couple of years ago we splurged and signed up for XM radio--and absolutely love it. I think the best part is that there are no commercials on the music stations. We paid in advance so the price was well below $13 a month. We justified it by pointing out the fact to ourselves that the monthly fee was less than the price of one CD. I love the contemporary jazz station and get my money's worth just out of that one alone, but the music choices really are staggering. Okay, enough already before you start thinking I secretly work for XM, LOL. Can you tell I don't get much chance to talk about it to anyone? : )

Other topics--congratulations on finishing your first novel. What a feat. And you are already on your second--good for you! I'm sure you know that The Firm was John Grisham's second book he wrote while waiting to hear something about A Time To Kill. . . : )

And the photo you took for that postcard is absolutely stunning!

JuliaMazal said...

That's hilarious that the sheep get the classical station, but you don't. I think XM is totally justifiable and worthwhile in your situation.

Thanks for your kind words - I did not know that about Grisham. I've been reading a lot of writerly advice lately - it can get disheartening. So thanks for the encouragement!

All the best to you and yours - esp. Dan and Carey, 'cause naturally, I've developed a soft spot for those two!