Sunday, October 05, 2008

Stairway to the Moon post - Part Deux

From the Plastics Historical Society, here is a little more on Melaware :

The Gaydon and the Melaware two-colour sets probably represent the pinnacle of British melamine tableware. The technical skills required particularly for the twocolour cups were exceptional. The different approaches towards creating a comfortable and stylish cup or jug handle are especially impressive. Gaydon cups were made in a split mould giving a comfortable contoured handle whereas Melaware cups and jugs were made in a solid mould with angled moving cores to achieve the distinctive but less comfortable handle. In both cases the two-colour effect was produced in two stages and the items required individual hand finishing. The Gaydon set was the most comprehensive with over fifty different items. Perhaps the white lining of MF cups was eventually the cause of their downfall. A white inside looked more like china and it made the tea look `right'. But the white liner also showed up all the staining and scratches for which melamine ware became infamous.

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Natalie said...

I feel like Karim Rashid took this concept in his works. He had a series of vases that were like Melaware meets Alvar Aalto, but unfortunately made of plastic. I made the mistake of picking one up at Moss,NY, and nearly hurling myself backwards as I anticipated the vase to be much heavier than it actually was. Plus, the minute it got scuffed, it looked horrendous. They were mostly the inverse though; white on the outside and some obnoxious neon colour on the inside.