Sunday, October 05, 2008

Stairway to the Moon

I would like a Thrilling Adventure in Drinks.

Also, I just discovered a Prefab-ulous blog while googling Melaware. She blogs mostly about vintage design - with great finds from the UK and (currently, it seems) Canada.

I was googling Melaware, because last time I was at the Bayview Village Antique Fair I bought these exact Melaware melamine cups and saucers for 5 bucks. But now I learn that tea and coffee stain white melamine (which is part of the reason for its decline in popularity), so I am reluctant to actually use them. Hmph.

While looking for photos of Melaware, I found another awesome vintage design blog, What's Blogging My View.

And a question for bloggers - how do you go about showing photos without stealing bandwidth or infringing upon copyright? I mean, when you're using photos that aren't yours, like an eBay find - do you just use them and not worry about it or is there a way to do it that abides by bloggerly etiquette?

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Natalie said...

I usually credit the picture, and when I don't, I create a link from the picture to where I took the picture from. Does that make sense? Anything that suggest where the original ownership may be. Sometimes it's hard because many sites or blogs have used the same picture over and over and not all of them have posted the original credit, so I'm hoping the domino affect of crediting gets back to the originator. I'm a bit of a snob though. I feel the compulsion to write a proper reference for an "artist" than just a posted photo, unless of course, the postee of the photo has specified a copyright on their site. It's too bad Emily Post isn't around for this one. (Probably it's good to reference regardless. This is one of those scenarios where overdoing isn't overdoing at all.)