Sunday, August 13, 2006


Remember two posts ago, when I said I was sleeping at night?
I backslid.
I stayed up all night again. But, I revised another twenty pages of Book One, so it was not all wasted.

This morning did I did laundry, vacuumed and tidied up. Even showered and had breakfast before I went online. I'm inordinately proud. And ready to crash any minute now.

Like the title of the post, I feel "blurry". So more later.

Bonus photo. A shot I took last winter on the way from Gananoque to Toronto. I don't think I posted it, did I?


Elle Fredrix said...

Julie, it sounds like you need to pace yourself!

Fabulous pic!

Jasmine said...

Oh dear.

I know what that's like...take care of yourself. Hopefully you'll be back on track soon and sleeping when you are supposed to be.


eurobrat said...

familiar sight! and experience... take care.