Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Bon Cop, Bad Cop

Well, it could've been soooo good. But it was okay.

Wonderful idea, but the movie was very uneven. Some parts were funny, other parts, the humour seemed to dip to thirteen-year-old boy levels. Colme Feore and Patrick Huard were both fantastic, but even the best actors can be hampered by script and directorial choices.

The script, the credits say, was written by four people. It shows. It seems like the four did not agree on the tone or the pace or even, at times, the idioms of English speakers. I don't know any sister that would say to her brother, "Oh, c'mon, brother...". Although, it may be more common in Quebecois lingo ("ah, mon frere...").

I was really hoping that this would be The Great Canadian Bilingual Movie. A succesful franchise and series spin-off. But it is not.

My friend Natalie the Incredible sent me this link. It is a list folks in "creative fields" should read. It's from a website called Gaping Void.

Had sushi tonight at Ho Su. The company was delightful, the sushi less so. It's slipping every time I go there. My Futo Maki and my spicy salmon rolls both tasted like they'd been sitting around. Not fishy or anything, but the rice seemed a touch stale, if that makes any sense. Only the hamachi nigiri I ordered at the end was really remarkable and delicious. I think Shogun is edging them out as my new fave sushi place. Maybe I should only order Korean Food at Ho Su.

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