Thursday, August 17, 2006

The Contest and the Sneaky Link

The Contest:

At Writer's Market, there's currently a short short story contest on. Do your best in 1500 words. Entry fee is twelve bucks (USD).

The Sneaky Link:

At Hip Candy, I discovered a sneaky little tool - Work Friendly. Enter a URL and ta-da - it converts the URL to look like a word document! There's a "Boss" button too, which makes the whole page look like an article on time-management. Pretty funny. See? Now you can read my bright pink blog at work! I'm here to help.


Chanel said...

Thanks for the link! I'm gonna do you one right back!

The work friendly button is the coolest thing ever, isn't it? But I have to tell you, until I read YOUR blog, I had absolutely NO CLUE about the "Boss button"! Boy, you writers are so astute! That one completely eluded me! As a fellow blogger who also enjoys pink, I'm going to have to let my readers know about that one, thanks again! ;-)

JuliaMazal said...

Flattery gets you everywhere. Y'hear that, everyone? I'm astute!

Hey, no obligation to link back - I'm not persnickety about stuff like that. (But thanks, if you do!)