Friday, May 04, 2007

Fly Sweater

Remember those Weight Watcher's Recipe Cards from Pound?

This is very similar, but in sweaters.
So painful, but so good - and it's spawned a 'send your own hideous sweater pic' site called The Sweater Guy.

Oh, I had some bad bad sweaters in previous decades... but luckily for you, I don't have photos of them. Synthetic yellow with silver threads, a fuzzy white one with a primary colours house scene (kindergarden teacher hott), and the "gee, I hope this makes me look feminine enough so that a boy looks twice at me" pink Cotton Ginny. I wore the pink Cotton Ginny monstrosity EVERY FRIDAY FOR A YEAR, so a certain boy in grade 8 in a particular class would notice me. It didn't work. Luckily.

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Nadia said...

I think all of us who were around in the 80s have some traumatic sweater memories. It was not a good sweater decade.