Thursday, May 10, 2007


melodramatically swooning on chaise lounge, hand fluttering up to forehead

I haaaaate revising. I looooathe it.

I'm not really on a chaise. I'm at a cafe on Santa Monica called "Cafe Marco". Fun vibe, full of folks on laptops, free wi-fi. I've been sitting here revising for an hour.

I also eavesdropped on two men talking about parrots while waiting for my coffee.
I also ruined my iced coffee by putting Splenda in it. I keep trying to like Splenda, but it tastes dreadful.

I also found this article about opposums and their genetics at the Globe and Mail website.

Now I'm going back to revising. Really.
No, I'm lying. I'm going to add one more thing:
I also bought this skirt at Target the other day, and I'm wearing it now and I loooove it. I looove it as much as I haaaaate revising.

Ok, there. That's all. Poor pitiful woeful me will go back to her dreadful wretched revisions now. sniff

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JuliaMazal said...

I fixed the skirt link. You can go see it now.