Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Too Much Information

If you know me at all, you probably know I'm a little bit obsessed with hair. Here are some places I've discovered on my travels that I thought I ought to share with the general public. Only read if you're as obsessed as I am.


1) Gregory Parvatan cuts curly hair and knows what he's doing at Rapunzel in Toronto. I'm sure I've mentioned him before.

2) In Vancouver, Granville Street hosts clubs, bars, crepes, and Sugarbox. I didn't go there, but they seem to know what they're doing, and were very nice in returning my phone call.

3) WAX on Melrose in Los Angeles. Horrible horrible website, but beautiful salon (like stepping into a Wedgewood place setting), with extremely COMPETENT and well-mannered estheticians who do what they do VERY WELL. I HIGHLY recommend this place. They've been written up by Daily Candy and were featured in a funny article in L.A. Weekly.

One of my estheticians there said that she moved to L.A. from Oakland, where she worked at her parents' salon for ten years. She said, "When I moved to L.A., I worked at an eyebrow salon, where all I did was wax eyebrows. My mother couldn't believe I could make a living off of just eyebrows, but that's L.A.".

4) And speaking of specializing, there's also Queen Bee in L.A. They only do bikini and eyebrows. Again, I haven't been there, but they seem to talk about waxing like they take it seriously. And really, if you're going to pay someone to rip your hair out by the root, they better take it seriously!

There, that's my good deed for the day. You're welcome.

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