Sunday, May 06, 2007

Slurpee Sadness

I went a-walkin' in Los Angeles today. I walked and walked to get my free comics at Meltdown the comic book store (not to be confused with Meltdown the grilled cheese emporium).

It was hot out and as I neared the 7-11, I thought, "I haven't had a Slurpee in years". So I went in. Imagine my horror when I discovered that
(a) the Coke flavour wasn't ready yet
(b) there was NO SPRITE flavour (?!), and
(c) all the other flavours were either revolting or trying to be healthy

Crystal Light Sugar-Free Raspberry Lemonade?
Tropical Orange Full Throttle Frozen Fury (with ginseng, taurine, caffeine, and guarana) - like a slushy Red Bull? What's a "tropical orange", anyway?

Anyhow, all the other flavours were unappealing, so I chose the raspberry lemonade, and it was vile. I threw it out at Wendy's, but kept the Spidey cup, and bought myself a Frosty instead.

The difference between American and Canadian slurpees are here: "...the Canadian product is heavier and wetter, the difference being that the American product is injected with air and is therefore drier. This is why you can feel that itch in the back of the throat when you drink it--that's the air bubbles. The American stores have been using Cornelius equipment where as in Canada we have been using Taylor for years . Although both machines perform for their specific markets, they do create different products".

That explains part of my revulsion. Remember when you could just mix Coke and Sprite and know exactly how it would taste?

Also, did you know that Winnipeg, Manitoba is the biggest consumer of Slurpees in North America? Someone's already making a documentary about it. I wouldn't have predicted Winnipeg. I guess Tim Horton's didn't open enough locations there or something.

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