Friday, April 21, 2006

Hello Hello

Well. I've told a few more people about my blog.

So if you're reading it for the first time, welcome.

I might change template soon, 'cause every time I try to add links to my sidebar or put the links into categories, I throw the template out of wack.

More soon, but I gotta run just now.


Bob W. said...


I finished reading Kite Runner last week. I really enjoyed it, thanks for the recommendation. I also thought that it was positive and life re-affirming, despite the dark subject material.

Started reading cobra II this weekend. So far, pretty interesting.

It is raining here in NC (complete with lightning and thunder), so I am falling perilously behing on my Acre of Indepependence projects (planting, weeding, landscaping, etc); oh well, we need the rain.

JuliaMazal said...

Cobra sounds cool. A friend is lending me several novels from the publishing imprint I want to approach, so that'll be my next reading.

Raining in T.O. too. The only colour is from the spring bulbs outside the convenience store/fruit markets downtown. I'll have to blog a bit about my parents' yard, but it'll be lackluster without photos. Maybe I'll buy a digital camera in L.A. Looking forward to the Acre update when it stops raining! And hope your kids are enjoying their new swing set!

Anonymous said...

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