Sunday, April 16, 2006

Los Angeles To Do List

1. Botox
2. Restylane
3. Facial + Manicure + Pedicure
4. Detoxifying Cleansing Wheatgrass-Spirulina Fast
5. 10 sessions with Personal Trainer
6. Laser Hair Removal
7. Tooth Whitening
8. Tanning Session
9. Straighten hair, dye it blonde
10. Practise holding latte while walking in wedge heels
11. Buy new outfits from BeBe, Guess and Marciano. Get inspired!
12. Talk about self

Alright, I never said I was a comedy writer.

Sure I'd love to be able to afford #3, 5, and 6, but I guess I'll paint my own toes. Ok, maybe #7 too, but my teeth are sensitive already.

Self-improvement (er, "improvement") - insidiously addictive!

Ah, L.A.! So many canyons, so many palm trees! So many aspiring writers directors actors whatevers, so much anxiety!


tyroscribe said...

wait, this list wasn't meant to be serious ... ?

JuliaMazal said...

wishful thinkin', honey!
(besides, you don't even like my hair straightened!)

it would be funny to calculate how much this list would actually cost.

i just realized "this blog does not allow anonymous comments" - I've never noticed that before. i'll try and fix that.