Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Staying up too late sometimes includes staring vapidly at infomercials.
I was watching one of the make-up infomercials tonight when I started wondering if anything they were saying on the "teevee" was true. A minor lapse due to sleep deprivation. No, I did not call the number on the screen. I went online and googled every "miracle" make-up line I've seen in the last 10 years.

I learned a little about each one. My credit card stayed ensconced in my wallet.

The best thing I found was a link to the site of a professional make-up artist. One section of his site is dedicated to his favourite products. I don't know if someone is "sponsoring" him, but he sounds honest and sincere. He lists some interesting products worth investigating in future (i.e. four dollar blush).

I noticed he had no MAC products listed. Perhaps after Estee Lauder bought the company, the focus shifted away from professional make-up artist use to a wider (non-professional) consumer base.

I would blame this all on the iminent trip to L.A., except I can't.
I just like make-up.

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