Tuesday, April 25, 2006


I know I am crazy. I have to put together an Excel Spreadsheet to figure out if I'm over-packing!

But I already know I'm overpacking. What Excel really lets me see is how much I'm over-packing by.

For example, Excel allows me to see that the peach top doesn't really go with anything else.
Of course not. But I have to take it - I bought it specifically for L.A. It's got an L.A. vibe, man. 'Cause it's like, peach! And fun! And flirty! It's got sequins! And beeeeads! Oooooooh...


I am determined to close the darn suitcase in one hour from now.

Wish me luck!
'Cause then I have to tackle the carry-on... heh...

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