Monday, May 01, 2006

Hello, Los Angeles!

The first of May! "So," you ask, "what have you been up to?"
I shall tell you.

Wednesday the 26th went like this:

Eat Country Griddle Cakes combo (no meat) at IHOP. (That's International House of Pancakes, for those not in the know.)
Go swimming in apartment complex pool. Aaaah.
Go to Eisley concert at the House of Blues. Sweet, quirky, lovely music. Very talented group. I would definitely buy their CD based on their concert, but I should probably add a whole different post about my musical tastes.
Go home and eat kale and white beans on corn tostadas that my honey has prepared.
Go to sleep.

Thursday the 27th...

take our laptops and work at Cafe Marco (where I am now). Free wifi! Hooray!
Have dinner with cool friend of b/f at the swanky Pace.
I ate the homemade pappardelle with wild mushrooms and leeks and it was divine. Unfortunately, I couldn't finish it, but I wish I could have.

Friday the 28th

Buy challa bread from a kosher bakery. Contend with crochety old lady/bakery owner.

Her (pointing):"This challa is $2.75 and this one is $3.00.
Me: "What's the difference?"
Her: "You taste it and then you tell me the difference."
Me: ???!!!

Go home. Have a yummy Shabbat dinner.

Saturday, April 29th

Go to synagogue. Oh yeah! (Little victory dance).
Come home, have awesome shabbat lunch - smorgasborde style.
Take nap.
Havdalah service at home.
Go see The Room
The Room deserves it's own post. It's a cult hit gaining status as the new "interactive" film a la the "Rocky Horror Picture Show".

Sunday, April 30th

Go to new free wifi bakery/cafe yesterday. Couldn't really focus and didn't get much writing done. I was a grump yesterday. I admit it.
Went to b/f's friend's house to watch DVD special features from "The Room". Watch TiVo'd Sopranos, eat Chinese take-out and chocolate bars, then write while the boys watch TiVo'd "24".

I suppose one could easily ingratiate oneself with people by simply installing TiVo or some other sort of digital recorder.


So, here I am at Cafe Marco again. Out of 11 people in this cafe, 9 are here with their laptops. That's the way it was the last time I was here too. My b/f is at home having a meeting.

So, now that I've blogged y'all up to date, I have to get some writing done. The weather here is lovely, of course. The mornings are hazy and cool till the sun burns through it, and then it's really warm. But the breeze never seems to go away. I'm starting undestand how this could incubate the "West Coast" attitude. Everyday feels like Sunday. Why wear a button-down shirt when a t-shirt would do? Still adjusting.

Although the foliage and the flowers and the fruit trees here are just stunning, I still miss the good old conifers and deciduous trees of home. Every plant here has a desert edge to it - a thickness or a glossiness that puts it just on the edge of "cactus". Also, everyone has a gardener and all the gardens - all the public space too - is meticulously pruned. I miss the unkempt edges. The link is to a photoset on Flickr.

I will post my own photos soon - I just have to buy a cord to connect the camera to the laptop.

Your Daily Cattiness

A perfect Los Angeles specimen just walked in!!!
Female? Transexual? Who knows? But the face is tightened and the dyed hair is full of mousse!
Giant breasts! Off-the-shoulder tight white tee. Midriff showing. Tight tight jeans tucked into white furry mukluk style boots.
I couldn't catch what she said to the guy behind the bar, but I could hear his answer:
"Sweet Sixteen? Aren't you supposed to have that when you're like, fifteen or something?"

Coffee: $2.00
Muffin: $1.50
Wifi: $0.00
Sitting here till Santa Monica v.4.0 walks in: priceless!

Eek - and then she turned around, and she was in fact, a he. And honestly, I don't care if they're real or fake - if you're going to wear a see-through t-shirt, wear a bra! Yikes.


Been editing and re-writing lately. Only about 500 new words down.
Hope to have a more substantial word count increase for you soon.

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