Tuesday, May 30, 2006

L.A. Snapshots - May 29

Memorial Day - yesterday, we went to lie on the grass and read in Griffith Park.

This is Griffith himself:

This is a man who looks like he's been working the Pony Rides for the last 50 years:

And here, families were barbequeing and picnicking on their Memorial Day weekend. (I suppose we should've planned to visit a memorial, but we didn't think about it.) I was very excited when the bass-man and the accordian man showed up, but they promptly disappeared, and I didn't hear any music:

Afterwards we went to Fred 62, a hipster diner in Los Feliz. Celebrity spotting: Katherine Heigl. Actually, all I saw was a pretty, well-dressed, nicely made-up tall blonde, but b/f identified her celebrity status.

Two of the views from our table:

I know, I said I'd go write. And then I kept blogging. You weren't supposed to catch that. Well, that's all for now. Yes, going ...

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