Friday, May 05, 2006

Hola, Progress

Well, I wrote over 1000 words today, so that's good.
And the last couple of days I've been creating a new outline - working backwards from the chapters or scenes I've already written, and highlighting the chapters that I still need to write.

I've also been doing a lot of revising. I want to hold back on most of the revising till I'm done the first draft, but some of it is necessary - i.e. when I move half a chapter to later in the book.

Feeling positive yet anxious every time I open my files.

Counting all my "newer beginning in first person" plus "older middle section in third person" and "subplot", I now have 25,000 words.

Quite a lot still to write. Then I have to convert all the third person stuff to first person and make sure the subplots weave in properly.


Tonight my b/f and I went to our first beginner Spanish class together. Before I got to L.A. he asked if I'd be into taking it and I said, sure. It's at the Language Door and it was fun. Good mental exercise. Our teacher makes an effort to speak only Spanish to us, and he's dynamic and positive - good qualities in a teacher. I hope I'll eventually understand a little more of the lyrics when I listen to Lhasa and Shakira in Spanish.

I'm off to get some tea and write some more.
Hope everyone (anyone?) reading this everywhere is doin' fine!

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Bob W. said...

Congrats on making progress on your manuscript, and I am glad you are having fun in LA!

I am fairly fluent in Spanish, but I can't really understand song lyrics when I hear a song on the radio (although I still love to listen to them!).

Bob W