Thursday, May 18, 2006

Cupcakes and Cat (for T.)

Yesterday I decided to accompany the housemate - we'll call her A. - to Beverly Hills. While she had an appointment, I perused a card store, called "The Card Factory". I bought a card made by Sesame Letterpress, based in New York, of course! (Check out their coasters - so pretty!) And I bought a card from sugar bean press too. (Check out their holiday cards!)

Then A. met me at the potentially pretentious, but (in reality) lovely Le Pain Quotidien, where I had an exquisite brioche. When I asked for jam, the waitress brought a trio of full-size jars of rhubarb jam, cherry jam, and a nutella-like spread made of pralined hazelnuts. Yum!

We then meandered over to K Chocolatier, where Diane Kron, the owner is quite generous with free samples!

Not quite satiated on sugar, we crossed the street to Sprinkles Cupcakes, where I bought a lemon-ginger cupcake and a chocolate-coconut cupcake. We haven't tried either yet - they're still in their pretty little box, looking too good to eat.

Later in the evening, we went to a short film fest where we caught a sweet funny little film by Iris Bahr, called The Unchosen Ones.

Then we came home and ate popcorn and made the Ginger Soda from the last issue of Martha Stewart Living. I'll link to the recipe when they put it online. It made the whole house smell like ginger. Aaaaaah.

Oh yeah, and I wrote a lot. In my main document, I've now reached ninety-nine pages. Hooray. I guess I should've waited to post the hundredth page, but 99 looks cool too.

All in all, a nice day in L.A.


Bob W. said...


It sounds like you are enjoying yourself in LA, and you are blogging prolifically!!! Good for you! Excellent integration of photos into your posts, too.

Posting on my blogs has slacked off recently because I have been busy busy BUSY.

I will catch up in the next few weeks, though, expecially on ACRE. I have done a great deal of work in the yard, and my garden is coming along wonderfully. The herbs on my porch enable me to drink 2-3 cups of herbal tea on a daily basis, too.

Well, enjoy LA, and I look forward to your next post!

JuliaMazal said...

Yes, I'm having fun.
I've been checking in on "Acre" and "Wil", but I know life gets in the way sometimes. Part of the beauty of gardening is that it teaches patience too. Please do post your tea blends if you are experimenting with different herbs/proportions, too.

Hopefully I'll have something more exciting to post soon. B/f and I keep saying we're gonna go hiking but we haven't yet. Hopefully that'll yield some good pics too.

Oh - thanks for the feedback on the pics. Wasn't sure if they were too small or anything.

Nadia said...

It looks like Hitch is using the cupcakes as bait. " know you want the cupcakes...just a little closer...yessss..."

I'm wise to your evil ways, Hitch! :)

JuliaMazal said...

Oh, Hitch.

I got suckered again. We seemed to be getting along so well, and I was "playing" with him, but then he got sick of it and left a nice bite-shaped welt on my arm. It's really the lack of notice that's so hurtful.

Oh, Hitch.