Friday, May 26, 2006

Music, Billboards, etc.

EDIT: I meant to post these photos in such a way that you could click on them to enlarge them, but I messed up. I'll try and repost them later. Sorry.
Happy Birthday to my DAD! Why doesn't he get all the fun font colours that my sister got? 'Cause he doesn't read my blog!
I called him. I sent a card. It's all good.

Bought the latest Neko Case album. It's incredible. Of course. Go look at it just to check out the cover art, if nothing else. Creepy and fascinating.

B/f took me to see The Eels yesterday night at The Roxy.

It was great. I don't usually go to concerts of bands I know practically nothing about, but I highly recommend it (especially when er, someone else buys the tickets). Some of their stuff was rockin' surfer-style, and some of it was beautiful acoustic-y ballads. A lot of fun. "Railroad Man" really stuck with me. You can listen to it on the "preview samplers" on their website. And the lyrics are here.

Oh, and that rental car I had for a few weeks? I don't. I hit a parked car. Don't ask. Anyhow, had to return it. So... (rubbing hands with fake glee) - who wants to hear about the L.A. public transit system?!!!

Went for a really late breakfast and excellent coffee at Kings Road Cafe. I had the whole wheat/granola pancakes. I brought one and a half pancakes home to eat tomorrow morning. Yum.

See, it's important to introduce people (like one's significant other) to good coffee, 'cause then they'll scout it out themselves in other cities. Now I can visit L.A., and he's already found the best coffee in town.

Ok, now for some photos of billboards, and then I really have to get some writing done today. (And be kind, these photos were all taken out of a car window.)

Some billboards are all about faith.

Either to remind that the day of rest is on its way...

Or an open invite to join the faithful (at the Faithdome)...

And then there's this, where I wouldn't send my kid...

And then they get a bit wackier. You can imagine that a city full of people reaching for the stars would have a few psychics. But I didn't expect them to be so ubiquitous or so well off. This isn't a good pic, but the sign says that they're specialists in chakra balancing and aura cleansing. Do you really need both?!

I'm not sure why they have to specify European.

Maybe it's translated from another language, but I keep seeing restaurants for various foods "on fire". Here's one example.

It's remarkable how much cleavage they managed to give Paris in this billboard. Notice, she also has a pie-on-fire.

Lastly, apologies for a blurry pic. An older woman pushing a tricycle down the road, with the words: "I'm going out in style!" If by "in style" you mean "crazy". 'Cause you're in the middle of the road and you're gonna get hit by a truck. It's an ad for funeral pre-planning. Makes me uncomfortable everytime we drive by it.

And that's that.
Now off to do the other writing. There's still a lot I want to blog about, but I'll save it for another day. Have a good weekend, everyone!

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