Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Alone and Not Cleaning

B/f has gone out to get groceries, and I have been making a lame attempt to tidy the apartment. As you can see, I am now blogging, which means little tidying is getting done.

Finished reading Where is the Mango Princess? this morning. Highly recommended. It is beautiful, harrowing account of a family dealing with one member's traumatic brain injury (TBI). I read two-thirds of the book with my hand clasped over my mouth, 'cause so much of it was jaw-dropping.

I read that Psychology Today article I posted last time, and it doesn't do the book justice. The book reads like a fast education in TBI and recovery as well as a moving argument for universal health care. It is sad, infuriating, tragically comic, and most of all, a testament to the bonds between husband and wife, family and friends.

I want to check out Cathy Crimmin's other books now, especially, How the Homosexuals Saved Civilization.

Probaby going to do some writing now, and then go see The Proposition.

WIP - main document update: 32,503 words

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