Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Pondering Perfume Packaging

I've written 1500 words today, so I'm allowed to take a break.

Four major fashion/cosmetic companies have all come out with similar perfume bottles at the same time.

This serendipity (or outright stealing, who knows?) occurs all the time in art, design, fashion, television, and film. But I've never seen four perfume bottles all come out at around the same time so similar in feel.

Each bottle is either purple or purply-blue, essentially rectangular with some sort of a curve thrown in. I have yet to smell them all.

Hugo Boss - Pure Purple

Lancome - Hypnose

Elizabeth Arden - Provocative (and Provocative Interlude)

Giorgio Armani - Armani Code

Ok. Back to work.

- a little edit post-publishing - here's a better view of the Elizabeth Arden Provocative Woman bottle.

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