Saturday, April 22, 2006

Sunday, Sunscreen, Sundress, Skulls


"Remember, sunscreens work by penetrating the skin to create a barrier, while insect repellents work by evaporation, so apply the sunscreen first."

I never knew.

I was looking at the site 'cause my sister recommended packing light.
I considered it, but I don't intend to pack light for L.A. I know I am taking at least three pairs of shoes.

I'm going to be in one place the whole time and I have a great fear of being inappropriately dressed for any occasion. I've decided to indulge a bit. I have several summer dresses that I don't usually have enough summer for, so I'm taking them.


A few weeks ago, I decided to get literary on CSI, and bought a used copy of Dead Men Do Tell Tales about forensic anthropology. The author specializes in bones, so there's not a lot of gore. Well, squishy gore. There are lots of photos of skulls which are sufficiently creepy. I'm not fond of skulls as something to look at. Although, I did see a bag on Friday night that someone received as a birthday present - it was covered in line-drawn skulls and hearts and it was remarkably not creepy, much to my surprise.

On Wellesley, south of Church Street, a sign on the door of the convenience/dollar store:


...yeah. You tell me.

Well, the suitcase beckons. More later...


tyroscribe said...

didn't i tell you that la is the inappropriate-use-of-quotation-marks capital of the world?

JuliaMazal said...

examples please!

tyroscribe said...

-- "no parking" without permit.
-- "fruit" for sale.
that's all i can remember at the moment. amanda and i keep a running tally.

JuliaMazal said...

today i saw:
design your own "t-shirt"

it deserves its own photo blog

Anonymous said...

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