Monday, April 17, 2006

Shoe-rant, Kale-rave

Remember those boots I bought on Feb 22?
They broke. I've worn them approx. 5 times.
I returned them today. I can exchange them. Oh yes!
But only for what's in season now.
Sandals are in season now.
Sandals are not boots.

I can opt for a bag.
I cannot get a refund.
I cannot get a credit note.
I can only get angry
and then buy sandals or a purse.

Fine. I pick out a nice big bag - on sale - I can even buy sunglasses with the money left over.
I go to the cashier.

I say, "This is real leather, right?" Because it looks like real leather and it is priced like real leather.
"Oh, no," says the assistant manager, very pleasantly. "We don't carry any leather bags."
"Uh, you know what - why don't I come back tomorrow? I need to think about it."

I know someone had to design the bag.
Someone had to approve the design of the bag.
Someone had to make a prototype.
I understand that it took someone a lot of time and energy to sew the bag. I know it's not easy to sew neatly through leather, and prob. even more difficult to sew through fake leather. And there are grommets and buckles and trim, oh my!
But when did fake leather become the same price as real? I can't handle it.

I am a snob. I think perfume ought to be made in France. I think shoes ought to be made in Italy (good luck). And if a bag is going to sell for over $75, I want a cow to die for it. I am going to be a crotchety bitter old woman.

Here is a somewhat better price for the same pleather bag, although not photographed well and in gold instead of white. And here's the matching smaller bag photographed better.

And really, it's not impossible. Because here are leather bags the same size and the same price (CAD).


Ok, ok, I'll get over it. Did I mention how much I love kale? The vegetable. I can't believe I was introduced to it so late in life!
I am going to sautee some now with some chopped onion and almonds. There's an interesting note about kale and oxalates and gallbladder/kidney issues here, but I can't vouch for the accuracy of the information.

That's all from me for today. Exchanging boots is exhausting!


Li said...

Hi -- thanks for leaving a comment on my blog, but I don't know how to reply to you. You can find the free paper doll download here:
Magnectic papers are available at office supply stores. You just load them into your printer like regular paper, it's quite simple! Enjoy :)
Oh, and sorry about your shoe return frustration, that's really annoying. I'm with you in wanting boots but not really sandals or purses.

Anonymous said...

Boots will always rate higher than sandals for the overall lasting impression they leave with everyone else. "OH MY! I'd trade my first born for a pair of those very boots.." always beats out "OH MY! Look at her horribly disfigured toes..."

It's like paper.rock.scissors, only that boots always win.

JuliaMazal said...

I agree.

Although I try to follow the Golden Rule and not judge people's feet. Luckily, if people are generally 5 feet tall-ish, then one's toes are usually far enough away to seem alright even if the pedicure is several days old.