Saturday, April 15, 2006

Sunshine + Sam Cooke + Gershwin = Great Day

Beautiful Saturday today. I walked and walked and walked all over downtown T.O.

Did not go to synagogue today. I rarely go. But usually, during the week, I hope to go. I always sleep in Saturday morning. That's 'cause I always get in late from dinner at my parents' on Friday. Excuses, excuses.

Anyhow, today was really lovely - probably hit 18 degrees. Got some cleaning done too. I did a bit of cleaning and a bit of laundry, but otherwise, I just walked.

Part of the problem I have when I'm in California is that I think the beautiful weather is going to end, so I still have a Toronto compulsion to be outside all the time in great weather. But it doesn't make sense in L.A. I'm going to have to get used to taking the good weather for granted when I'm there.

Listening to Sam Cooke

You know how you can listen to a CD a hundred times and then, suddenly, a song will stick out for some reason, and you'll hear it differently than you ever did before. That's what happened today with the song Summertime. I'd never noticed quite how Cooke sings it. He's brilliant.

I bought this CD since ahem someone's sister moved away and took her Sam Cooke CD with her. Also, 'cause I get a discount at Starbucks. You can also check out Cooke and his discography here.

10 days till L.A. and then two months of L.A. culture blogging. Oh boy!
But seriously, I will be blogging a lot more about writing once I'm there. That's what I'll be doing, mostly.

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